Black/Brown mare foaled in 1992, purchased in 1997 because we fell in love at first sight with her! She is a bit of a madam at times but it is all welsh fire and no nastiness at all! She is a fantastic moving mare and although she has been shown she hates it! Sometimes difficult to catch without a helicopter and dart gun (when away from home!) she gets away with it due to her outstanding beauty!! Her foals here at Runshaw are, 'Runshaw Lili-Lon' and 'Runshaw Ladi-Gwyneth' both retained as future broodmares.   Runshaw Lucifer sired by Churtoncroft Aries is now in Scotland.


Has produced a beautiful palomino colt this year again by Churtoncroft Aries!!


Not covered for 2007


Name:  Chetwynd Lily
Bengad Dragon Arum Bengad Cola Nut Revel Cello
Bengad Coral Bells
Glenfield Dawn Coed Coch Madog
Arenig Enwyn
Bengad Linden Tree Bengad Wallnut Bengad Nepeta
Bengad Whimberry
Bengad Lavender Treharne Simon
Bengad Love in the Mist


Bengad Linden Tree

Bengad Dragon Arum


     awaiting picture         

 Picture taken 1st September 2003



Pictured below at Lancashire WPCS Association show



Lily October 1998