Here he is a very handsome boy indeed, picture taken in November 2003.

Name:  Fosterhouses Super Sam


Coed Coch Superstar

Coed Coch Bari

Coed Coch Salsbri

Coed Coch Swyn

Coed Coch Peri

Coed Coch Brenin Arthur

Coed Coch Pelydrog

Oldacres Spangle

Devland Dane

Rookery Bunting

Bowdler Bowstring

Tanglewood Una

Bengad Cola Nut

Tanglewood Melba


Oldacres Spangle Coed Coch Superstar

                    The picture below is of the foal that i fell head over heels in love with!!


                                          The pictures below are as a 4 year old.  


Fat, fluffy and filthy, March 07!