On this page its the place to be to check out the ponies that have lived here both bought and born -


and of course the loved and lost -






Brynrodyn Camellia


Dark Chestnut mare foaled in 1995 , proven broodmare and always foals easily and does her foals extremely well. Both foals have been sold as potential show animals and we feel sure they will do very well indeed for their new owners. Friars Swanky Boy  was the full brother to the legendary producers Friars Freelance and Golden Boy, and although Swanky Boy was not extensively used he produced the likes of this mare ! She has produced for us, Runshaw Cariadog now in Devon as a ridden pony and Runshaw Calonnog with the Colliers also as a future ridden pony to Churtoncroft Aries she produced a flashy chestnut colt names Runshaw Cadno and in 2009 she produced another lovely Chestnut colt called Runshaw Cadan by Friars Sheer Spirit who is now in Scotland with Runshaw Lucifer.








Delami Tia Dalma


Chestnut foaled 2007, photo taken 17th August 2008

A beautiful show quality filly with lovely bone , type and quality who has joined us by the kind generousity of the Waller family as a future Churtoncroft Aries wife. This elegant big moving filly has everything we were looking for in a future broodmare.

By the prolific stock getter Ringstead Candi and out of the beautiful Delami Stud foundation mare Idyllic Pebbles she is a hoped to be a fabulous asset to out breeding program in the future. Maternal half sister to the HOYS qualifier Delami D'Artagnon  and paternal half sister to the well known Multi medal winning show stallion Rosegarth Pioneer and some beautiful mares at the Tamevalley Stud , prolific ridden ponies Pinina Sandpiper, Pinina Madoc, medal winning mare Pinfold Candy, and the very beautiful Ravenshead Sweet Sabrina among many others.


This lovely young mare is now at the Telaid Stud with her sire.








Runshaw Hafog




Bay colt foaled 2001, 4 whites and blaze.

Future Show and Stud stallion by Coed Coch Atebiad and out of the beautiful mare Standwell Heidie .

This little chap combines the blood of our best and most consistent ponies. At 3 years old he attended the Royal Welsh show  where he stood 10th in the 3 year old colt class.

Out of the same mare as our 2009 Lampeter Champion Runshaw Heulwen!


Sold to Ireland to join Runshaw Barrog





Runshaw Brenin






Bay colt with 4 whites and blaze

Foaled  2008

Fosterhouses Supersam x Standwell Black Fashion  




Runshaw Barrog

Sold to Ireland



Standwell Black Fashion x Churtoncroft Aries


Bay colt foaled 15th May 2010 -




Click the link below to see a video of his tremendous action!





Runshaw William Ap Aries






Grey 2006 colt by Churtoncroft Aries and out of Thistledown Walnut ( Coed Coch Barnwr x Yaverland Woodlark)














Runshaw Penaig


2006 - 2011

Taken far too young, RIP Penaig


Born at 1.20am on the 18th April 2006 by Churtoncroft Aries and out of Penwisg Helen a lovely big strong red bay colt with a broad blaze and 3 white socks!













foaled 30th May 2007


Pictures below taken 17th September 2007


This really charming and very square colt foaled in 2007 is the first foal of our lovely homebred mare Runshaw Pelydrog and by Fosterhouses Supersam and whom he has a very striking resemblance to at the same age.

 As you can see at such an early age he has an abundance of bone, fabulous shoulder, tail set , lovely head and although currently very flashily marked dark palomino is going to go grey like his sire.

We feel he could be a real foal show contender and beyond and exciting future sire with his fabulous breeding and type and how can a judge have their eye caught by this handsome chap!




Runshaw Ladi-Gwyneth



Grey (born Dun) filly foaled in 2000, 2 whites. By our stallion Coed Coch Barnwr and out of Chetwynd Lily as above. She has her sires type, action and attitude and is one we thought we wouldn't get, but Barnwr blessed us with her and crikey is she the image of her sire!!!  After much thought we decided to sell 'Penny' to the newly reformed Trevalyn Stud in Norfolk as part of their Coed Coch based stud.

Sadly Penny is no longer at the stud and its with much regret that we sold her and due to circumstances beyond our control can't bring her home again.






Sadly Hynod is no longer at the stud and its with much regret that we sold him and due to circumstances beyond our control can't bring him home again.


Standwell Heidie has had the most fabulous chestnut colt foal at 4am 15th April 2007 , 4 whites and a blaze like his big sister Heulwen and with all the same attitude and too. He again has taken the best qualities of his sire and dam and already showing breath taking huge elevated action and a very exciting show /stud stallion of the future!

He is here and he very much wants the world to know and his name Runshaw Hynod reflects this as its welsh translation is- 

Hynod - (adj.) famous, well-known, noted, notable, remarkable
{ (famous, noted) Hynod is "hy-"("extreme"), so extremely notable,
noteworthy -- so "remarkable", and therefore presumably "remarked
upon", noted. }

 and which we hope he will likely be in the future ;-)





foaled 21st May 2007





Sadly Helfydd is no longer at the stud and its with much regret that we sold him and due to circumstances beyond our control can't bring him home again.


Runshaw Heloise  has had a lovely chestnut colt foal at 7am, 4 whites (2 pasterns in front, 2 socks behind) and a star and snip by Churtoncroft Aries .

Big moving colt who has the most fabulous ground covering walk aswell as huge trot expressive trot and his sire fabulous front.

 Helfydd oozes quality and is a superb in hand show and ridden stallion for the future with his type, action and colour.



Runshaw Cadarn

arrived at approx 7.30pm on 19th May!!

Chestnut colt foal by Friars Sheer Spirit and out of Brynrodyn Camellia





Penwisg Helen.

Dark dun mare blaze and 4 whites, foaled in 1992. Dam to the  beautiful Palomino filly by Penwisg Sior - named 'Runshaw Pelydrog' Sadly lost a beautiful filly by Churtoncroft Aries 2003 had a beautiful big upstanding colt Runshaw Penaig in 2006 by Aries, now owned by Debbie Dunbar in Wales.












 Churtoncroft Seren Haf



Grey mare, foaled Chestnut blaze and 1 small white. Leased from the Grant Family in Dorset.


 Dam of the beautiful filly by Churtoncroft Aries named Runshaw Seren Arian

 Thank you so much Seren Haf and the Grant family!












Runshaw Ladi Lilith

Chestnut roan filly with 4 long white stockings and a big blaze, foaled on 25th May by our up and coming young stallion Fosterhouses Supersam and the first out of one of our homebred mares , Runshaw Lili Lon.  She has real look at me attitude and stands herself out at every oppurtunity for you and a cheeky neigh just to make sure you are actually watching her!! She has that charming personality that just makes you melt until you see her put on a  show and crikey can she move, some action shots can be seen by clicking on her picture, she is absolutely effortless with plenty of knee and hock and covers huge amounts of ground !!!


Click here for more moving pictures taken at home on 16th June 2007 prior to export.


SOLD to the Marik Stud in Denmark











Elegant, quality bay colt born 3am 31st March 2006 by Churtoncroft Aries and out of the beautiful mare Standwell Black Fashion. Lovely big strong colt who oozes quality which is to be expected from his fabulous breeding, definately show colt/stallion for the future and what a tremendous mover!








Gorgeous and very flambouyant Palomino colt born early hours 18th May 2006 by Churtoncroft Aries and out of the beautiful mare Chetwynd Lily. Superb big quality colt who oozes quality which is to be expected from his fabulous breeding of the tried and tested Coed Coch / Bengad cross, definately show colt/stallion for the future with his beautiful looks, quality and massive ground covering action!



Sold to the Abertyleri Stud, South Wales



Runshaw Cadno



Born at 4.50am on the 28th May by Churtoncroft Aries and out of Brynrodyn Camellia a beautiful big quality colt with 4 even long white stockings and a neat even blaze, he is stunning!

This has to be a serious colt for the show ring and with his old breeding a stallion for the future too. Even now at such a young age he looks to combine, quality, colour and bone and to say i am pleased with him is an under statement!


Wishing his new owners the Larapinta Stud, huge success with him for the future



Runshaw Wynn Ap Aries


20th April 2005 - 31st March 2008

Sadly struck by lightening in a freak storm



Grey , foaled chestnut, colt foaled 20th April 2005.

Full brother to our beautiful filly Runshaw Welsh Poppy and just as stunning too. Massive mover and oozes quality, will make fabulous show and stud stallion of the future as can be seen from his pictures.


Picture taken April 2007 @ 2 years old


Runshaw Henadur



Sadly Hynod is no longer at the stud and its with much regret that we sold him and due to circumstances beyond our control can't bring him home again.


Born at 1.00am on the 14th May  by Churtoncroft Aries and out of Churtoncroft Hyfryd a lovely grey colt (born chestnut) with a blaze and 1white sock behind , have a look at his fabulous extended pedigree above!

This young man is a double cross to Galchog Amlyn , son of Coed Coch Bari and sire to numerous big winners so we are very excited to see how he develops in the future as a potential stallion.




Runshaw Anwen


Chestnut filly foaled on 25th May with a blaze and not too sure how many socks yet but one hind stocking as we know and 4 white feet so maybe yet another foal for this year with 4 whites and a blaze! Another beautiful filly by Churtoncroft Aries and as the dam Cuhelyn Anna is a medal winner too could this filly be another medal winner in the making and she certainly looks like she may very well take after their medal winning footsteps at such an early age! 


Runshaw Lucifer 

Red Bay colt foaled 2am 4th May 2004, 2  whites and a star, by the Royal Welsh winning Churtoncroft Aries and out of one of our beautiful Bengad bred mare Chetwynd Lily, click on his picture for his pedigree! 

He combines 2 of the best known stud prefixes within the breed, Coed Coch and Bengad!!! He has extravagent movement and a real look at me attitude about him, he's handsome and he knows it!

Now in Fife, Scotland

Wishing his new owner all the luck in the world with him, i'm sure he'll recover with plenty of time and TLC and catch up in the future and return back to the lovely he colt he was when he left here.




Runshaw Romeo

Dark Chestnut colt (to go grey) by Twyford Jorrocxs and out of Lacy Ruth. 4 white socks and a blaze, born 1.30am 2nd April 2004,

Fantastic moving colt with tremendous body too. One for the Future



Now in Scotland


Wishing his new little owner all the luck in the world with him . 



Runshaw Heddwen


Grey, foaled dark Chestnut filly foaled 2nd of May 2004, 4 white stockings and a blaze, by our up and coming young son of Coed Coch Superstar, Fosterhouses Supersam and out of one of our Coed Coch Superstar daughters Standwell Heidie.


Picture taken September 2008











Rhesfair Cariad



Chestnut filly with blaze and 4 white socks foaled July 2005.

Picture taken at just 12 months old.

Another full bodied filly with superb bone , type and substance and with superb ground covering action. By the Bay stallion , Glenwood Sion ( Devland Dane x  Tafarnaubach Sian) and out of the lovely Palomino mare Cwmnantgwyn Cream Cracker (Coed Coch Penadur x Cwmnantgwyn Milk Tray) she combines the old hill premium breeding from such legendary studs as the Bowdler, Coed Coch, Cwmnantgwyn and many other foundation lines.


Thanks Steve and Family for letting her come up North .




   Cuhelyn Anna

Dark Chestnut mare blaze and 4 small whites, foaled in 1991.

Dam of 'Runshaw Andreas' (now pursuing a ridden career) and 'Runshaw Ap Sior' (sold to the Birchcourt Stud, Hampshire) who we feel are both going to take after their mothers winning ways and both sired by Penwisg Sior. Runshaw Anwen  a filly by Churtoncroft Aries and her 2006 filly Runshaw Anwyled by Churtoncroft Hywel.













Runshaw Brenin Bach

Dapple Grey Stallion, foaled Chestnut in 1996, blaze and 4 whites. (picture as Yearling) This show winning stallion who was Youngstock Champion amongst other wins at County and Breed shows. He is broken to ride and is regularly ridden on and off the lead rein by a 7 year old girl. A more recent picture of him along with pictures of his Supreme Champion sire DUKESHILL DIEGO (now resident in Ireland) and his beautiful dam CROSSWAYS BETTY can be found by clicking on his picture.                       

 Now gelded, so look out for this lad under saddle, with his quality and presence etc you'll not miss him!!







Runshaw Bonheddwr

Grey colt (now gelded) foaled in 1997 blaze and 3 whites. Sired by Dukeshill Macho Man and out of Crossways Betty. A very typey pony with a superb action and tonnes of bone.

Now in France with the Carr family. Wishing you the best of look with him!








Runshaw Ap Sior

Runshaw ap Sior

SADLY DIED 2007 , R.I.P Dragon

Chocolate Roan colt (foaled chestnut), blaze and 3 whites Foaled 2001.  Correct and substantial colt who is the full brother to Runshaw Andreas. "Dragon" has tonnes of bone , substance and character and should make a very useful Stud/Show stallion. He moves well and is a definate show prospect for the coming season.  Dragon is following in his dams footsteps and his picture from his first outing complete with his championship sash can be seen by clicking on his picture above and also an updated picture of him now as a 2 year old after winning his class at the Royal Bath and West Show!

Now gelded and continuing his driving career.









Runshaw Andreas.

Palomino Colt(with silver hairs) foaled in 2000 blaze and 3 whites (but still possibly eligible for registration with the Palomino Society). Out of our medal winning mare Cuhelyn Anna and sired by our 100% Coed Coch bred stallion Penwisg Sior, he combines action, colour, movement and some of the best bloodlines in the stud book!


NOW LIVING IN DURHAM, if you know or own this pony please contact us as we'd love to keep in touch with how he progresses.









Runshaw Cariadog

Grey/roan (born Bay) colt foaled in 2000, blaze and 4 whites and blue eye. Brynrodyn Camellia's first foal, sired by Penwisg Sior. This is a gorgeous colt and so typey it feels like you've gone back in time! He has bone, substance and tremendous  action. He is also very eye catchingly marked and a real head turner!!  Contains some fantastic bloodlines including some of the best Criban and Coed Coch bloodlines combined.   


Pic taken 21st January 2006 and what a stunning pony he is developing into.

 Massive thanks to the Cherrytop show team and the marvellous job they have done with him, he is an absolute credit to you!







Runshaw Calonnog

Steel grey colt(foaled silver dun), blaze and 3 whites full brother to Runshaw Cariadog foaled 2001. Very beautiful , square and substantial colt ! He really moves from all corners, has lovely conformation and looks to be getting lots of substance like his half brother Runshaw Ap Sior. Definate County Show prospect for 2002 and future potential stallion.  Sold to the Colliers and joined them with Friars Welsh Punch!! Watch out for this chap in the ridden ring in !!!!      










Runshaw Wennol

Palomino Section C filly foaled in 2000. She has taken her grand-sires fantastic action and will probably mature into something really quite nice! - Now owned by the Lomas Family from Dartford Kent, good luck for the future.







Friars Welsh Punch

Stunning chestnut gelding that we sold to the Colliers as a future ridden for Emmie. Punch excelled in the working hunter ring and after having a fabulous season was then sold to the Howard family as Sophies WHP were they have just had a superb result in the BSPS Winter Champs in March 2005 resulting in a 2nd in the Winter Heritage 122cm Novice WHP and 8th in the Winter Heritage 122cms WHP restricted!! Well done Sophie and Punch!!














Lowden Seren Y Nos

BRONZE MEDAL WINNER 2003!!!!!!!Bay mare, 3 and a bit whites and blaze foaled in 1995. A very pretty young mare with a superb pedigree which includes some of the best ponies from the past and present, including Aston Superstar, Coed Coch Hyder (Exported to Australia and whose sire Coed Coch Tecwyn is full brother to our stallion Coed Coch Barnwr!!)  Betws Seren, Treharne Tomboy and of course the legendary stallions Coed Coch Madog, Coed Coch Salsbri etc, the list could go on and on but just click on her picture to see for yourself! She was shown successfully and extensively as a youngster by Colin Tibbey and has matured into a beautiful, fantastic moving mare. And again P'Line which is getting increasingly difficult to find in the UK (Direct female line to Tan Y Bwlch Prancio, one of the Coed Coch foundation mares)  Sold!!! Been covered by Fosterhouses Supersam before leaving for her new home at the TyGolau stud in Newport, South Wales. She is having a fabulous show season so far and is getting better and better, click on her picture to see recent pictures of her!






Lacy Primula

Grey mare foaled 1988. Her Pedigree Contains some of the best ponies from the past and present, including Gredington Simwnt, Coed Coch Bleddyn and Saltersford Justin and the legendary stallion Coed Coch Planed! All her foals are fillies to date , she is a beautiful mare and a superb mover. She is to be covered in 2003 by our resident Multi Champion Stallion "Churtoncroft Aries" and should leave something really quite special and may come back out into the show ring again!! 

Now much loved and cherished at the Floreat Stud.






Bi-Bridge Party Girl

  Grey filly foaled chestnut in 2001, she is a tremendous  filly with action to burn, good dense quality bone, oozes quality along with a mouth watering pedigree! Sure to be a champion/medal winning filly and future show/broodmare and a very exciting prospect. She is very eye catching dapple grey ,lots of presence and a "real look at me" attitude !! This is truly a very beautiful filly and desperately deserves to be out in the show ring . She is big, well grown and very mature filly and a very exciting prospect for the 2003 youngstock classes!!! A real stunner!








Pinfold Barnwr

 Black Section A Stallion, foaled in 1996 stripe and 2 white socks. This is a Stallion i have searched the best part of 5 years for! And finally he is here at Runshaw with his Father Coed Coch Barnwr. He is a stocky little chap with plenty of bone and Welsh Mountain Pony type and his sires outstanding action!!! His bloodlines are beautiful, his sire needs no introduction, and his dam was a top show mare for the Pinfold Stud and won many medals in her show career and is a grandaughter of Revel Cello and Sunrising Polestar! 

Sadly after trying every avenue this simply wasn't to be and now Jack is going to live in Ireland as a driving pony. If anyone has any details of where he is now it'd be much appreciated as we'd love to get in touch.









Fosterhouses Silver Mouse


Grey mare foaled in 1998 by Swinford Silver Mouse (Baledon Johnathon/Baledon Eclair. Double cross to the great Clan Pip son, Revel Janus) and out of the superb mare Standwell May Lady whose sire is Coed Coch Superstar and out of a Coed Coch Planed/Coed Coch Brenin Arthur mare! Standwell May Lady is the full sister to Standwell Satellite who is the sire of our very exciting colt Runshaw Rhyfeddod. This is a superb moving young mare just coming to her prime and is safely in foal to our RWAS winning stallion Churtoncroft Aries!! What a fabulous foal that will be, this foal willl be a direct descendant of the great stock getters Coed Coch Bari and Coed Coch Planed!!


This fabulous young mare has now been sold  locally to the Tanfanaris Stud of Chorley who now also own Runshaw Anwen.






 Nerwyn Lleban

Grey gelding foaled in 2000 (born chestnut). Line bred to Coed Coch Lili, hopefully in time also stallion replacement to Coed Coch Barnwr, as he has several crosses to Coed Coch Saled ( Barnwr's father) and he also carries the blood of Barnwr's mother Coed Coch Gwendydd. He is maturing into a stunning young colt and with this little chaps  100% Coed Coch blood and tremendous action, panache and championship breeding should leave some stunning ponies for the future!! Now permanently living in Croston and gelded as a potential lead rein pony.





Talgoed Sea Jay

Superb Dun gelding foaled in2001 , by Rhydgwillim Nightrider and out of the Coed Coch Barnwr mare Vine Sea Jade. He is going to be broken to ride and also get turned out with the mares to see who may be in season and then take it from there. He is a lovely lad with lots of scope and a beautiful head and eye.

Thanks to Sally for letting us have him and also to Lisa for collecting him for us at such short notice.


Now in the most fabulous home in Cheshire that a pony could ever wish for!!










Polaris Dylan

Stunning grey Section B Stallion, by Paddock White Lightening and out of the beautiful mare Polaris Dorcus who is by Paddock Camargue.  Beautifully bred being line bred to Coed Coch Berwynfa and the stunning mares Coed Coch Gala and Coed Coch Penwn, click on his picture along side to see him. Although he wasn't officially mine he was a superb stallion and is now at the Britains stud in Derbyshire who have since bought him and an equally beautifully bred mare and yes...... i've got first refusal on the resulting foal, i just hope it will move like Dylan as he is fabulous!!!!







"Tradition does not mean preserving the ashes but keeping a flame alight"

Jean Janses 1910