Picture above was taken  after winning the Welsh Section A Championship and his 4th Bronze Medal of his career while at Clwyd Association Summer show 14th June 2003.

Churtoncroft Aries
Galchog Amlyn Coed Coch Bari Coed Coch Salsbri
Coed Coch Swyn
Collen Dyma Hi Gredington Sierion
Brierwood Little Lol
Coed Coch Ann Coed Coch Pryd Coed Coch Madog
Coed Coch Prydferth
Coed Coch Siwrnai Coed Coch Neredd
Coed Coch Siwan


Coed Coch Ann Galchog Amlyn


He's not just a  pretty face either-














                                                                    Picture above taken at the Royal Lancashire Show 2002

                                                        In full flight after winning 2nd at the Royal Lancashire Show 2002!!