The Gallery (2)


Churtoncroft Hywel having a sit down


The Three Stooges !!

Runshaw Welsh Honey, Runshaw Hafog and Runshaw Pelydrog


Who you calling a hippy !!

(aka. Coed Coch Superstar)


Below are his 2 daughters here at Runshaw, Standwell Heidie and Standwell Selina

I can jump Both, can't I ?!?!?

Runshaw Andreas


Own up, who's got the hair gel ???

Fosterhouses Supersam


Not Bl**dy Likely !!

Penwisg Sior


Me and my boy :-)

Coed Coch Barnwr



There must be a gap here somewhere !!


Mother's Pride

Runshaw Ladi Gwyneth


Hello !!

Runshaw Welsh Honey and Runshaw Hafog


Sister Act!

(Standwell Selina & Standwell Snowdrop)


What chalk?????

Holly and Helga, the original Boxers