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Here is Runshaw Lili Lom with her day old filly foal Runshaw Ladi Lilith, the first Runshaw foal from a  Runshaw mare and we are over the moon with the result!




This is a very special picture of my 2 favourite boys! On the left is Coed Coch Barnwr at 32 years of age and with him my 2 year old colt Runshaw Hafog both enjoying a chat in the winter sunshine 6th January 2003. Hafog is probably asking why Barnwr has no hair and undoubtedly Barnwr is telling him that due to his hardy forefathers he has such a tremendous welsh mountain pony coat that he over heats when stabled so gets clipped to make him more comfortable in his twilight years, see we haven't got mad clipping a 32 year old stallion!!



MY PRIDE AND JOY!!!!    COED COCH BARNWR AT 31 YEARS OF AGE AT THE COED COCH OPEN DAY, 29TH JULY 2002 (picture by kind permission of Frank Megens, Holland)



Standwell Selina and Runshaw Pelydrog, both 100% Coed Coch and showing it!



What, morning already?? 

(Runshaw Calonnog)




          Runshaw Pelydrog and Runshaw Welsh Honey (yearling fillies)




Not just a pretty face!!!!     (Churtoncroft Aries)



Handsome is as handsome does! (Runshaw Hafog)


Boys will be boys.......... (aka Penwisg Sior and Fosterhouses SuperSam)


But all's fair in love and war!!!! ( Sior and SuperSam)