"Tradition does not mean preserving the ashes but keeping a flame alight"


Jean Janses 1910


Below are the details of our group of broodmares, all of which are of Coed Coch breeding and/or stamp. Some you may recognise and others that have never seen the inside of a show ring for various reasons but generally not their own. Here at Runshaw our pleasure comes from watching the mares content with their foals in the summer sunshine like the picture above although all are correct and true to type with big movement and capable to show at any level. None of our mares or fillies are ever pushed and will only see the stallion when its felt they are mentally and physically mature and developing into a good enough standard to become part of the breeding herd hence why you may see some mares having their first foals later than some other studs. Our aim is to have quality ponies with good bone, feet, action and superb temperaments which they can pass on to their offspring .



Please click on the photograph below for more details included extended pedigree of the selected pony





    Standwell Heidie


Chestnut mare blaze and 4 whites foaled in 1990, leased in 1998 and bought in 2000.She has had many homes and travelled many miles since the death of her breeder in 1995/1996 but has certainly found a permanent home now. Heidie was shown as a Barren mare in 2000 and stood 10th at the Royal Welsh, she was also Reserve Champion Section A at Derbyshire  and has stood 3rd and 4th at the Royal Lancashire Agricultural Society Show. 

Her stock up to now here at 'Runshaw' include  'Runshaw Heloise' by Penwisg Sior and both 'Runshaw Hafog' and 'Runshaw Hyfryd' by Coed Coch Atebiad , she also produced a beautiful filly in 2004 Runshaw Heddwen by Fosterhouses Supersam, then followed the exceptional WPCS medal winning filly Runshaw Heulwen by Churtoncroft Aries in 2006, and then her full siblings Runshaw Hynod and Runshaw Hyderus .










                    Thistledown Walnut



Grey mare blaze and 4 whites foaled in 1996 , leased from October 1999 and purchased in October 2000. After being so greatly impressed with her sire Coed Coch Barnwr we set about trying to find a son of his, which at the time we couldn't (and have only recently found the full brother to Walnut in Sunderland) We then looked for a daughter of his instead and having almost gone to Fayre Oaks for Walnut, traced her to Worcestershire. We finally persuaded Mr. and Mrs. Northall of the 'Astwoodcourt Stud' to finally part with her and she is now part of our band of broodmares, thanks Mark and Sheila! Her foals for us here , they are 'Runshaw Wennol' a Section C now in Kent and 'Runshaw Welsh Honey' retained, by Coed Coch Atebiad, and  Runshaw Welsh Poppy another beautiful dun filly by Churtoncroft Aries retained as a ftuire show/broodmare then full siblings to Poppy being Runshaw Wynn Ap Aries (sold to the Danath Stud but sadly died in a freak accident) and Runshaw William Ap Aries also sold to Danath stud.













                                    Broughton Ruby



Beautiful grey mare with a blaze and 4 white socks, foaled on 2002.


A very precious daughter of Lacy Ruth and by the wonderful stock getter Betws Gruffydd.  



Thank you so much to the Llewis family for allowing her to join us here.











                      Runshaw Heloise


Red Roan filly with star foaled in 1999. A beautiful filly by our own Stallion Penwisg Sior and out of the gorgeous Standwell Heidie. She has scope, action, bone and substance, we are delighted with her and she is retained as a future brood and show mare.


In 2007 she has produced a beautiful big chestnut roan colt who we have named Runshaw Helfydd by Churtoncroft Aries.

















                            Runshaw Lili-Lon



Grey Roan (born bay) filly blaze and 2 whites, foaled in 1999.Again by Penwisg Sior and out of Chetwynd Lily, she is a lovely filly with tons of quality, action, bone and substance. She is the one the visitors always admire and is retained as future broodmare. Hopefully making her show ring debut sometime soon.


Filly by Fosterhouses Supersam -Runshaw Ladi Lilith and now sold to the Marik Stud, Denmark












Runshaw Welsh Honey





Dun filly with a star foaled in 2001. Again by Coed Coch Atebiad and out of Coed Coch Barnwr's daughter Thistledown Walnut. She is a lovely put together filly and has a gorgeous temperament as well as tremendous action making her an exciting future show mare.

Here she is in October 2007 showing the adage of the

"Head of a duchess and backside of a Cook"!!

Has produced a beautiful Dun filly,  her first foal by Churtoncroft Aries named Runshaw Welsh Doll!










Runshaw Pelydrog



Palomino filly (turning grey) foaled in 2001. By our stallion Penwisg Sior and out of our mare Penwisg Helen , this filly combines colour, 100% Coed Coch breeding (and of course P'Line) and action to die for, all this combined with the most pleasant temperament possible in a pony. This is certainly one that is stopping as a future broodmare and possible future show mare too if she carries on blossoming into a  beautiful swan!!



Produced a beautiful grey colt in 2007 by Fosterhouses Supersam named Runshaw Pendragon, sold to Critchfield Farm, Florida, USA!










Runshaw Hyfryd


Dun filly foaled 26th April 2003, 2 whites and Star. By Coed Coch Atebiad and out of Standwell Heidie.  A lovely young mare with quality and beautiful breeding. To be retained as future show/broodmare.  When she can be bothered she ,like her brothers and sister, is a very big moving young mare although she doesn't believe in using too much energy unless necessary.
















Runshaw Ffantasi



Black filly foaled 23rd April 2003, 3 whites and blaze. By Coed Coch Atebiad and out of Standwell Black Fashion . Superb moving filly using lots of knee and hock but covering a tremendous amount of ground and all in such a quality and appealing package! She is looking to a very exciting future broodmare!  This filly oozes quality and type.


Picture taken as a 4 year old, June 2008


Produced a lovely grey colt in 2009 by Penwisg Sior who is retained as a future potential stallion.

Produced an outstanding chestnut filly in 2010 who is retained










Runshaw Welsh Poppy



Dun/Buckskin filly foaled 24th March 2004, 4 long white stockings and a blaze, by the Royal Welsh winning Churtoncroft Aries and out of one of our Coed Coch Barnwr daughters Thistledown Walnut, click on her picture for her stunning pedigree and more pictures of her!

This is a tremendous filly whom i think will go on to do VERY big things. She combines some fabulous bloodlines with beautiful clear colour topped off with white stockings and blaze and drips quality and type from every pore! Massive effortless mover and an absolute sweetheart too, she'd follow you around all day aslong as she gets a scratch every now and again!


Stood 2nd at West Yorkshire WPCS show in a huge class! Only time shown








Runshaw Bendith Mai



Chestnut filly foaled 12th May 2004, 3 white stockings and a narrow blaze, by the Royal Welsh winning Churtoncroft Aries and out of my most favourite and very special mare Crossways Betty.  She is an absolute beauty and well worth the 7 year wait we've had for her!!! She combines the best attributes of both her sire and dam these being her dams beautiful head and superb backend and her sires fabulous front and action and we feel will make a wonderful mare for the future












Runshaw Heulwen



Born at 4.20am on the 6th April 2006 by Churtoncroft Aries and out of Standwell Heidie and just what i had ordered aswell ;-)

This beautiful mare is everything i could have wished for and more.

The fabulous flambouyant attitude of her sire and a superb resemblance of her beautiful dam. She has taken the best attributes of both of her parents and is a wonderful character in her own right aswell.

2009 Lampeter Champion!

Bronze and Silver WPCS Medal winner!!













Churtoncroft Seren Del



Palomino mare foaled 1st May 2005,

Full bodied show quality filly with superb bone , type and substance .

By Churtoncroft Aquarius and out of Churtoncroft Seren Ebrill (Coed Coch Reg x Coed Coch Serena )

Looking to be a fabulous show/ broodmare of the future and very much taking after her grandmothers lines as she is very like Coed Coch Serena in looks , type and attitude.



Dam of Runshaw Seren Aur foaled in 2011












 Churtoncroft Menna



Chestnut roan mare blaze and 3 small whites.

 Beautiful Triple Coed Coch Bari grand-daughter. Out of Nantdywyll Modlon and by our stallion Churtoncroft Aries, she has a fabulous pedigree and is hoped will produce some lovely foals for us.

She is a scopey young mare and a fabulous mover as her breeding would suggest.

Has produced a stunning red roan filly to Penwisg Sior 2007 named Runshaw Meirwen and retained!










Runshaw Rhiannon



Lacy Ruth had a beautiful grey filly foaled 2007  with 4 big white socks and a blaze by Churtoncroft Aries.

 A quality , substantial yet elegant and very pretty  filly Rhiannon is being retained here at Runshaw and is hoped to be shown in the future.

















Churtoncroft Seren Haf  had an absolutely beautiful red roan filly at 11pm , foaled 20th May 2007 4 whites and a blaze by Churtoncroft Aries .

 This is all my bloodline dreams come true finally in one beautiful young mare. She is everything we strive to be breeding, quality, substance, type and action .
















foaled 26th May 2007 




Churtoncroft Menna has had a really lovely liver chestnut roan filly  by Penwisg Sior, 2 whites behind and a neat little blaze.

 Another one whose bloodlines are what dreams are made of having multiple crosses to the fabulous stockgetters Coed Coch Bari and Coed Coch Pryd. This beautiful elegant filly is to be retained as a future broodmare and who may even see the show ring yet in the future.

Picture taken 7th May 2009











"Tradition does not mean preserving the ashes but keeping a flame alight"

Jean Janses 1910