Stud News!!

  Standwell Heidie is now back home from Leahurst Veterinary Hospital after a rather scarey time and being very poorly. she was diagnosed with Guttural Pouch Empyema on scoping her after seeming to have choke in the field. She was admitted to Leahurst for 10 days of treatment and a HUGE thank you is extended to all the staff and Vets involved with her treatment and being able for me to have her home for Christmas, superb present thank you. She was scanned in foal to Churtoncroft Aries while there and seems to be thriving . Only time will tell if she has any long term damage but first signs look hopeful.

We also took along Pinina Roulette and Standwell Selina for pregnancy checks. Roulette isn't in foal and is highly unlikely to breed again but to be honest at her age its not suprising and we have her lovely son. Selina isn't in foal either but no real reason why not so will try again next year. We have also had Crossways Betty checked and she too is empty but as all the girls are fit and well we don't mind at all ;-)


  We would like to take this chance to wish all that visit and know us a very Merry Christmas a Prosperous and productive 2006 in and out of the show ring.
11/12/05  Well reshuffle today, Harry aka Runshaw Superstar is now turned back out with his half brother Tanfanaris Seren Gwyl (out of Fosterhouses Silver mouse) and they settled in no time, what good boys they are ;-)

Also after a VERY long wait our mares are official Conservation grazers and have gone onto their first site to graze the wetlands, grasslands and scrub of a local site , pics will be added soon.


16/11/05 Filly foals were actually weaned the afternoon after my last posting on here, how good is that for me !! Weaned and in November!! ;-) just the colt foal to do now and he'll be done pretty soon too.

Harry, aka Runshaw Superstar has started his first leg of his journey home by now being with our friends at the Rhesfair Stud in South Wales, (thanks Steve) news is he looks fabulous and it may take a bit to get him home from there yet ;-)


07/11/05 Not really much going on at the minute, all the ponies are blossoming and a handful are soon to be scanned to see if they are in foal or not. Others look very much in foal so we may very well have quite crop of foals next year , an odd one of which may be for sale.

News just in too, due to unforseen circumstances Runshaw Superstar is returning home in the next week or so!! I'm really looking forward to seeing him again and he may very well hit the show ring next year too if we can find some 2 year old classes ;-)

Filly foals to be weaned too in the next week or so and hopefully the colt in the next few weeks but as he is still out and thriving , in fact he is a very big and mature lad, i'm reluctant to bring him off just yet ;-)


01/10/05 After a long day of swapping horseboxes and travelling in the dark to arrive here at just after 11pm we finally have Rhesfair Cariad and her beautiful dam Cwmnantgywn Cream Cracker here to join us. Cariad is here to be a friend to Churtoncroft Seren Del and being a late foal her dam is here with her until weaning and then will be returned to Rhesfair, if he is lucky ;-)

As usual we had a great time, once again i didn't buy anything!! I am getting really good at this ;-)

Rebecca Swift wasn't quite so well behaved and bought a beautiful Section B colt foal, dark chocolate dun, 4 stockings and a blaze to make pretty much up to height and with loads of bone, he really is lovely and currently lodging with us. His stable name is Henry and his posh name is Treflan Maldwyn and predominantly of Downland breeding .


04/09/05 Worsley Gala and Welsh Medal Show

We took Churtoncroft Seren Del out to her first show today at this wonderful show, i really love this show. Its local, really well run and has a superb atmosphere year after year. Well done all to making this such a brill show.

Anyway "Pride" thought her first show outing with her mum was great fun and after thoroughly enjoying herself strutting her stuff around the ring she won her class!! Absolutely over the moon with them both. Her dam Ebrill didn't get anywhere as she is doing her job that little bit too well and giving her all to her big fat baby as can be seen below!-






29/08/05 Bowlee Welsh Medal Show.

 Churtoncroft Aries having his first outing for over 12 months due to his disagreement with Fosterhouses Supersam and as he longingly looks at the horsebox everytime it leaves the yard without him we have decided to let him "go rideys" and have a day out ;-)


Well we had a great day out and it even stopped raining for the A's and the sun shone down on us too! Boss went as well as always giving it his all but had to give way to youth and stood 2nd. We thoroughly enjoyed our outing and he has at last been for rideys in the lorry!

Still looking sexy at 16 years old!


28/08/05 Nothing really happening much here at the minute and thoughts are now starting to turn towards who may be in foal for next year and we are very pleased to tentatively say both Standwell Black Fashion and Crossways Betty are blossoming and have sign shown no signs of returning so fingers, toes and anything else that can be crossed is being crossed in the hope that both these lovely girls may be n foal. Pinina Roulette continues to return in season so if she doesn't foal next year we'll ahve her looked at just to make sure everything is ok, the same as Standwell Selina although Roulette was full in season a week before she foaled last time so she is being left until spring to see what is going on ;-) All the other mares look fabulous but of course being away from home its difficult to check them as the only male in the herd is this years beautiful colt foal Runshaw Wynn Ap Aries ( who is on our for sale page) and although he has big ideas the mares keep the little man very much in line so again time will tell if they are too in foal or not.

The annual party known as Fayre Oaks is soon with us, in fact within 4 weeks and we are looking forward to hopefully seeing lots of beautiful ponies and meeting with friends to catch up with the seasons results and news and just general chance to socialise until all times of day and night!!!


08/07/05 Sorry to have been so behind with news and updates but we have been busy covering mares and the usual hectic things that go with spring.

We have covered 12 mares for 2006. As usual they are covered and then left as its not essential they foal and we will look towards the end of the year more closely as to how many could potentially join us next year ;-)

6 of our younger mares are doing their bit for the future too by currently helping with a fertility study at Leahurst Veterinary School for 3 months. We feel that its vital or the future that as much information can be gathered as possible which may help to enable us to preserve these wonderful ponies and if they can be of use while they are not being used within the stud they may aswell go and do some good.


28/05/05 Last years visiting mare Cilio Ann has produced a Chestnut colt at just gone 3am by our lad Churtoncroft Aries!!

4 white socks and a blaze he looks to be a fabulous colt and has rightly so very proud owners!!




14- 18 /05/05 Penwisg Sonnet has been covered by Churtoncroft Aries
13-17/05/05 Crossways Betty has been covered by Churtoncroft Hywel
10 - 13/05/05


10 - 13/05/05



Pinina Roulette has been covered by Churtoncroft Aries


Standwell Black Fashion has been covered by Churtoncroft Aries


Standwell Selina has been covered by Churtoncroft Hywel


02-09/05/05 Standwell Heidie has been covered by Churtoncroft Aries


29/04 - 04/05/05

Thistledown Walnut has been covered by Churtoncroft Aries


Penwisg Helen has been covered by Churtoncroft Aries


The yearling fillies are maturing well and their updated pics can now be seen on the Youngstock page.

20/04/05 Well Thistledown Walnut has once again produced the goods for us!! She foaled at 11.45pm a beautiful big Chestnut colt who will go grey and who has the looks and attitude of his fabulous sire, another show colt in the making by the looks of things!!

Named RUNSHAW WYNN AP ARIES we are sure he'll soon it will be an apt name for his superior air that he has about him is the image of his sire!!


03/04/05 We have had quite a bust day here today, we moved Standwell Black Fashion, Standwell Selina, Penwisg Helen and Penwisg Sonnet to the summer grazing over the road along with the 4 yearling fillies as there is a large amount of grass and the weather is now far kinder. The boys have also moved from their winter quarters, we brought Runshaw Hafog, Fosterhouses Supersam and Churtoncroft Rhodri home in preperation for the covering season to start and then took Penwisg Sior, Churtoncroft Hywel, Runshaw Rhyfeddod and Runshaw Seren Y Gogledd to their summer grazing in the local village so all settled now for a while.



10- 13/03/05 Well we have now delivered  Runshaw Superstar to his new temporary home which is the Ty Golau Stud in South Wales where it is hoped he will be shown and used before returning home in the future to take over his sires winning hoofsteps. We wish Lisa and Harry loads of fun and success together and although i had a twinge of sadness when i left him i know its for the best and can then stand back and be the proud mum and watch as he develops into the fabulous colt he looks like he's going to be.

While we were away we stayed with our friends at the Maxcob stud the first night and then the Williams family at the Rhesfair Stud where we were taken to the Penllyn Stud, Crossfield Stud and as we were so near the Great Ceulan Stud, thank you all for making us feel so welcome at such short notice.

Sunday saw us making for home with me being ill all Saturday night but still managing to collect our newest boy Talgoed Sea Jay, a dun 4 year old gelding who is the grandson of our old boy coed Coch Barnwr, he is beautiful and thank you so much Sally for letting him come to us and also Lisa for collecting and keeping him for me especially at such short notice.





01/03/05 Spring is getting ever closer and our 2 broodmares due this year are looking fabulous, Standwell Black Fashion is in foal to Coed Coch Atebiad and due 16th April, Thistledown walnut is in foal to Churtoncroft Aries again after her fabulous filly last year and is due on 26th April. Getting all excited now and also planning the coverings for this coming season!!






Runshaw Anwen has now gone to her new home, the Tanfanaris Stud in nearby Chorley also home of Fosterhouses Silver Mouse (previously owned by us) and also her beautiful Dun son by our stallion Churtoncroft Aries named Tanfanaris Seren Gwyl he's an absolute stunner and i am already planning what mares to use him on in the future!!

Anyway Anwen looks to have certainly fell on her hooves and we hope to see her out in the show ring at some point with her new owners. We wish you all the very best of luck with her, you were obviously meant to have her ;-)


Details of judges for the forth coming season are starting to come through and we will soon be picking our 2005 show team. No idea who they will be yet and as always our show season will start after all our foals are safely here and the mares have been covered for 2006 etc.