Stud News 2007!!



14th December 2007


We have finally weaned the foals of 2007, all have settled well and tucking into their feeds. We still have the one colt foal for sale (see our for sale page) the others are either already sold or being retained.

Alls that left is to wish all our friends and family a fabulous Christmas 2007 !!


1st December 2007


Well we are one step nearer to knowing we are in Winter with 4 of the stallions going onto their winter grazing today. Its so mild and sunny with the grass still growing its hard to believe its actually December! With any luck it'll make Spring come around all the faster again like this year.

The 3 mares we covered this year look well in foal so hopefully 3 very nice foals to arrive in spring.

Until then though its only just over 3 weeks until Christmas so the website has been decorated and will no doubt have more added as i find more i like!



18th November 2007


Only thing to report is that some of the ponies are starting 'work' as Local Conservation Grazers on a managed Wildlife Site.

This is the 2nd year the ponies have been on this particular site and of course thoroughly enjoy themselves doing this job and while the weather is so great the foals are still on their dams and helping out too for a few weeks until they will be weaned.

Starting work.................


Even the foals are joining in the fun.....

Mmmm not a bad job this Mum........


Runshaw Heulwen really getting into the idea of being a Mountain Pony .....


Just added this picture as i thought it quite nice to have caught Thistledown Walnut in the foreground with her 2 daughters, Runshaw Welsh Poppy and Runshaw Welsh Honey



Brynrodyn Camellia


26th October 2007

No real news as yet here at Runshaw. We are looking at the 3 mares we covered this year and wondering if they are in foal or not, the usual end of summer routine and due to them all looking so well they could be hiding anything in there so who knows. One nice email i got today was that a visiting mare 'Kilattle Dreams to Remember' is safely in foal to Churtoncroft Aries so thats one we know is on its way in the spring.

A visit to the Churtoncroft Stud yesterday saw 6 mares that were covered earlier in the year looking rather broody so heres hoping that they produce some lovely foals in spring. Details of the mares and who they are in foal to are listed on the Churtoncroft Website-

All that leaves to be done at the minute now is hold tight until the Bonfire night firework displays have been and gone and then think about weaning foals!



26th September 2007

More overseas news and another Churtoncroft Hywel offspring success!

The very beautiful filly Nerwyn Non by our resident young stallion Churtoncroft Hywel has just won her class in her native home of Sweden for her owners the Stings Stud

Many congratulations!



23rd September 2007


Overall a superb day seeing Nerwyn Gawain a beautiful 3 year old Palomino colt owned by the Deucoch Stud in North Wales win his well deserved first WPCS Bronze medal!! Many many congratulations. This lovely colt is sired by our young stallion Churtoncroft Hywel.

Picture below taken while at Denbigh and Flintshire show earlier in the year but will be updated asap with his show picture complete with sash! ;-)


Well more ponies going to 'pastures new' from Runshaw.

 Today saw Runshaw Henadur owned by the Trevalyn Stud being collected by the Cherrytop Stud and Show Team for his future life being professionally produced in Exeter. We wish all involved the best of luck and success with him.

Today also saw the arrival of Runshaw Lili Lon in her new home at the Marik Stud, Denmark. I'm so pleased that all went well and that she travelled all that way okay. Good luck with her Helle and family, she's quite a girl and i'm so glad you like her now you've seen her in the flesh too.

Here is 'Sally' having her first play on Danish soil in her new home-



17th September 2007

Well this last month has seen lots of hello's and goodbyes with many many mixed emotions here at Runshaw.

Ones to say goodbye to were Runshaw Wynn Ap Aries, Runshaw Barwn and Runshaw William Ap Aries to the wonderful home at the Danath Stud on the Wirral as future show/stud stallions. We wish Mandy, Ian and family all the very best of luck with them. Not to be outdone Runshaw Penaig has stayed with them and is very kindly on grass livery with his brothers down there. Thanks again guys ;-)

It has also seen Runshaw Ladi Lilith start her journey to Denmark in the very capable hands of Owen Jones of the world renowned Nebo Stud which somewhat eases the worry but i also can't wait for her to finally arrive at her new home at the Marik Stud.

Runshaw Henadur also leaves us next weekend for the journey to Devon to be produced at the Cherrytop Stud on behalf of his owners the Trevalyn Stud.

It has also seen the welcome return of Runshaw Superstar our 3 year old colt who has been away on lease to the Abertyleri Stud in South Wales. Its great to have 'Harry' back home and many thanks to Ceri and family for looking after him so well for us.



The hardest goodbye though has been to my beloved mare Crossways Betty and another real character of the stud, Pinina Roulette. It's still extremely  hard to believe they are no longer here but its hoped that they could help tremendously towards finding the cause and subsequent cure for the heartbreaking condition all us pony owners dread, Laminitis. Thank you so much Caroline Argo of Leahurst University for being so understanding through all this, its been very much appreciated as its been a very tough decision xx


3rd September 2007

The star herself relaxing back at home after her fabulous season having won 5 firsts , a reserve youngstock champion, 2 x 2nds, 2 x 3rds and a 4th out of 10 shows!



2nd September 2007

Worsley Gala Medal Shows show under Mr I Lloyd , Derwen Stud 

Heulwen at her last show decided to finish on a  high with 1st and reserve youngstock champion and on his annual outing out lovely little Fosterhouses Supersam won 1st in the Stallion class!

After a fantastic season Heulwen is now back home!! We can't thank Colin, Sarah and Jess at Lacy enough for a wonderful season and hospitality shown throughout, many many thanks guys!

Sorry about the quality of the pic but its the only one i managed to get! ;-)


Just heard the news aswell that Runshaw Cadno has just got 4th at the NCPA Pony Of The Year Championships! Well done Larapinta on a fab season with your lad too!



27th August 2007

Merioneth show under Mrs Saunders, Ponterwyd Stud 

Heulwen was  out in force again and stood a very creditable 2nd in a  good class, smiles again all round!


19th August 2007

North Western WPCA Silver Medal Show under Miss Perowne, Kipton Stud.

Heulwen was  a brave girl and braced the rain to stand 4th in a good class but huge congratulations to Jess Hansford standing 1st and reserve youngstock champion with her beautiful filly Lacy Jess!



16th August 2007

Denbighshire and Flintshire Agricultural Society show under Nina Clayton, Pinina Stud.

Heulwen was certainly on form today and stood 1st in a good yearling class , she never ceases to amaze me with her attitude and beauty. I had very proud mummy syndrome again today and especially when Colin said i could take her in the grand parade too!

Thanks to all at Lacy for once again making me come home feeling very proud of my beautiful girl ;-)




29th July 2007

Midland Welsh Pony and Cob Association Silver Medal show at Solihull under Miss C H Gray, Elargee Stud, Australia.

Heulwen shone once again to stand a very creditable 3rd in a good yearling filly class . Huge thanks once again to the Lacy team for making such a  fabulous job of her and although i couldn't get there this time i ahd numerous 'spys' there 'phoning me with updates and huge thanks to Danielle @ Delami for taking these fabulous pictures of my girl for me xx





15th July 2007

'Show for Judy', Charity show in memorial of Judy Wainwright at Somerford Park, judge- Mr G W Jones, (Nerwyn) .

Runshaw Heulwen looked and went superb to stand 1st in a super yearling filly class, sadly no youngstock championship again :-(




24th June 2007

The Northern Horse show, judge- Mrs C. Willis-Burton (Pentreflin) .

Runshaw Heulwen was a good girl and stood 4th in a big class-


Re adjustments ;-)


But massive congratulations must go to Jess Hansford and Lacy Jess standing 1st and reserve Section A champion to the beautiful Islyn Hafoc, well done to the two Jess's for a fabulous professional display!

Updated for sale page,

Runshaw Ladi Lilith has now been sold to the Marik Stud in Denmark

We wish them huge success for the future with this very beautiful filly.



28th May 2007

West Yorkshire WPCA. Mr T.J.Jones Nantdywyll Stud

Even though it poured with rain at times we had a fabulous day with the homebred ponies.

Runshaw Heulwen was 1st in a fabulous big strong class of yearling fillies so huge grins all round!


Then next in was Runshaw Cadno owned by the Larapinta Stud who was 1st in another good strong class!


Then on her debut outing, Runshaw Welsh Poppy was 2nd in an enormous 2 and 3 year old filly class!

I really genuinely thought she was way out of her depth and had regretted not leaving her at home as she is a big scopey filly who look more mare like now rather than filly and i apologise to bystanders for my somewhat shocked response and language at her placing it was very much unexpected even though very much welcomed!

All in all we had a fabulous day even with the huge downpours and many many thanks go to the Lacy stud once again for their helping making me grin like a Cheshire cat for the rest of the day!

Last but not least aswell we took Anita with her lovely mare Churtoncroft Faith who although normally tows her handler around the ring decided that she would enjoy the sunshine thank you very much and enjoy a snooze today and not run around , Thanks Kevin for showing her even though it was somewhat an anti climax.



 25th May 2007


Churtoncroft Menna has done herself proud and produced a beautiful chestnut filly with what looks like 4 white socks and a neat blaze in the early hours by Penwisg Sior. Both mother and baby doing fantastic, being a maiden mare its always a worry but Menna has taken to her new job like a pro ;-)

Pics etc are on the foals page


Weekend of 20th May 2007


Runshaw Cadno stands 3rd in a fabulous class at North Western WPCS under Mrs Evans of the Foxcroft stud for his owners the Larapinta stud.

 Many congrats , the bigger and better things are still to come and what a handsome chap he's making!

Photo copyright of Tigertotz  photography ;-)

Runshaw Superstar was out on Saturday too at Tredegar show were he was 2nd under Mrs Brown , Pontgam Stud. Massive thanks to Ceri and Eddie of the Abertyleri stud for showing him for us ;-)


2 new faces arrive aswell late on the 20th and early on the 21st, see the foals page for more information ;-)


7th May 2007


Busy weekend for the babies again this Bank Holiday weekend.

Runshaw Cadno was out and about on the 5th at NCPA Open Show under Kerry Wainwright, Skellorn Stud and was a very pleasing 3rd, all involved chuffed to bits and its not surprising when you see how the boy is growing up ;-)


Our own Runshaw Heulwen was out today, the 7th, at Ynys Mon show with the Lacy Stud under Kevin Walker and stood a very good 2nd in what i was told a very strong class so all smiles here too! Sadly due to mares due to foal and Bank Holiday traffic we didn't go to watch her at this show. But apparently she went really well and all very pleased and i'm now wishing we could have gone to see her first outdoor show but never mind.

Picture taken by Islyn Stud, THANK YOU so much for taking a snap of my girl! ;-)



29th April 2007

Northern Welsh and Native Breed Show

Runshaw Heulwen 1st in a strong Yearling filly class!

Her tender age showed in the championship as a tired baby did what was asked and then stared through tired eyes while the rest did their show but we are thrilled to bits with her and extremely proud of our little girl ;-)



16th April 2007

Lacy Ruth has had a beautiful chestnut filly by Churtoncroft Aries at 4.15am, 4 whites and blaze. This elegant and pretty filly now named Runshaw Rhiannon is being retained here at Runshaw but see her on the foals page, we're sure you'll love her ;-)




15th April 2007

Standwell Heidie has had the most fabulous chestnut colt foal at 4am this morning, 4 whites and a blaze just like his big sister Heulwen and with all the same attitude and panache of Aries again too. He is here and he wants the world to know and his name Runshaw Hynod reflects this as its welsh for 'noted, remarkable' and which we think he will very much be ;-)



10th April 2007

Firstly HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my brother Colin who so kindly hosts this and other websites for me! Cheers Bro ;-)

Stud news, well its all exciting and happening now after a very laid back winter ;-)

We are currently awaiting our first foals of 2007 with both Standwell Heidie and Lacy Ruth in and under CCTV now and their foals are eagerly awaited! Any news will be added to the news and foals page as soon as they arrive ;-)

The 'Runshaw Red Devils' have been out in force this month!

First out was RUNSHAW CADNO who made his show ring debut at Long Eaton Open Show for his owners the Larapinta Stud were he was an absolute star and came 3rd in the youngstock class (3 and under) and then 2nd in the open M&M inhand any age so smiles all round at his behaviour and placings, this is the man himself at the show, pictures by very kind permission of tigertotz photography-



Next Debut was for the lovely RUNSHAW ANWYLED for the Dragonarra Stud at Lancashire WPCA Spring show, again an impeccably behaved baby on her first outing and although not the judges 'cup of tea' she did everything asked and more and is certainly one to watch out for ;-) Pics by very kind permission of DESIGN CLASSIX ;-)



Last but by no means least was the debut or our own RUNSHAW HEULWEN at North Western WPCS Youngstock show were she came a very creditable 3rd out of 14 and looked and went out of this world!!! I ahve very serious proud mummy syndrome and my heart felt thanks go to all involved at the Lacy Stud, thank you just doesn't seem enough to express what i felt when i saw her come into the ring!! Pics below taken by myself, sorry for the quality but my excitement and a poorly lit indoor was not a good recipe ;-)


More news will be added as the season progresses.




21st March 2007

Well today saw our 'golden boy' Runshaw Llewelyn leave for his new home in Abertyleri, South Wales and with him went Runshaw Superstar for the 2007 show season. Other commitments mean we aren't able to show from home this season and as 'Harry' is making into a fabulous young man we felt it was a shame for him not to make the most of his last year in the youngstock rings. Keep a look out for him, although he'll be difficult to miss as not many his colour around ;-)

This week has also seen an update in Runshaw Rhyfeddod's ridden career where he is pictured below sporting his tack like a grown up 4 year old ;-)

Don't forget this handsome chap is for sale!! Hopefully ridden pics to be added shortly ;-)



12th March 2007

Well a slight change of plans for the 2007 show season. It seems our star for this year is more likely to be Runshaw Heulwen our yearling filly so she is to stay at Lacy Stud for the season and Runshaw Welsh Poppy is to return home to have a few foals and then go back as a broodmare in the future. Heulwen has been described as being very similair to her sire in attitude so that can only bode well we feel for the future we feel ;-)

Poppy will have a role reversal with Heulwen's plans and be shown from home at a handful of shows and be covered aswell for hopefully when we can decide who to cover her with ;-)


25th February 2007

Well we have good and bad news to share with you all.

 The good news is that Runshaw Welsh Poppy is being shown this year from the famous Lacy stud of Colin Tibbey, massive thanks for taking her and thinking she is good enough, i have very proud Mummy syndrome even before any shows! Runshaw Heulwen is also currently there with Poppy for some 'education' and will return to be shown at a handful of shows from home in a few weeks time once she has had her lessons finished ;-)

The bad news is that Coed Coch Atebiad was sadly put to sleep yesterday (24th February) at the Churtoncroft Stud, a beautiful stallion who sadly was a very under used son of the great Coed Coch Salsbri making him half brother of course to the legendary Coed Coch Bari, Coed Coch Saled, Sunwillow Quest, Sunwillow Pesaro  and many many other majorly influencial ponies. We feel very lucky to have 5 sons and daughters here at Runshaw and hope to cherish them for many years to come. Atebiad was an absolute gentleman aswell as fabulous stockgetter and will be greatly missed by many.



14th February 2007

Its St Valentines Day and we took advantage of the wonderful weather to take some pictures of the blossoming broodmares to share with you all as we are getting quite excited about some of our homebred mares first foals coming into the world aswell as the old favourites ;-)

Click here- foals 2007




13th January 2007

I hope to keep this website far more up to date this year as hopefully things will less hectic ;-)

Our for sale page is updated now with some new additions and we have also have maybe a couple of others available to lease out as we are very much aware that our wonderful foundation stock aren't getting any younger and we must concentrate on those while they are still here while leaving the younger ponies to sit around while they await their turns within the future of the stud and are contemplating letting others take advantage somewhat of the current situation and use them while we concentrate on the others. Its only really a thought yet and will only be considering from the right homes/situations so please don't be offended if we change our mind or say no.


8th January 2007-


Well now the excitement of Christmas has been and gone and we are into another year its suddenly seems like spring is so much closer and believe it or not i am looking forward to the show season starting!!!!! After recent years that really is quite a shock to the system ;-)

A few face changes here at the minute has seen the lovely Rhesfair Cariad go back to her birth place and the arrival of Rhesfair Scarlet as her replacement as friend and companion to our filly foal, well now yearling, Runshaw Heulwen. Scarlet is a big scopey filly and its great being able to 'borrow' another filly again, huge thanks for her and also for helping to move the mares and fillies while you were here ;-)