Stud News 2009!!


1st December 2009


After an exciting season and many ups and downs along the way its amazing to think that 2009 is nearly over, where has it gone!

Just over 3 weeks off Christmas 2009 but more importantly attention is now being turned to 'earmarking' the potential show team of 2010 .



After a season that dreams are made of Runshaw Heulwen has returned home!!

Huge thank you to all at Lacy Stud or looking after our princess so well and doing such a superb job,

Thank you!!


Here she is below relaxing in the field, not looking quite the show filly now is she! ha ha!




15th August 2009

Llanrwst Show

Runshaw Heulwen again pulled out the stops to stand 1st and Reserve Youngstock Champion in the pouring rain!



1st August 2009


National Welsh and Part Bred Championship Show


In glorious sunshine Runshaw Heulwen won an extremely strong 2 and 3 year old filly class today,

 well done team!



Runshaw Rhyfeddod also went for his first experience of a championship and 2nd outdoor show and although unplaced was a superbly behaved lad and we are over the moon!






20th- 23rd July 2009


Royal Welsh Show


A fantastic week had by all and saw our junior broodmare Runshaw Ffantasi and her colt foal make her show ring debut!

She was an absolute star and stood a superb 12 out out of 26ish so over the moon!!

Huge thanks to Liesl and Stacey for showing them so well, well done girls!!


Superb picture courtesy of the event photographer



16th July 2009


Great Yorkshire Show


Another day of glorious weather saw our lovely girl Runshaw Heulwen win a  1st at the highly prestigious Great Yorkshire Show!




24th June 2009


Cheshire County Show


Today in fantastic weather saw our little girl Runshaw Heulwen make another of my dreams come true!

As ever on form and in the capable hand so of the Lacy team under Mrs G Oldham of the Hollytree Stud she was 1st in the 3 year old filly class, Section A Youngstock Champion and then Reserve Supreme Welsh Youngstock Champion and after many years i have finally won a sash!!!! In all the years we have been showing i have desperately wanted to win a  sash and never just got there, well today my little girl did it for me and is pictured below showing it off!!




 We also took Runshaw Superstar who again thoroughly enjoyed himself and flew around the ring!!

Being only 5 and in an Open stallion class showed his immaturity and although un placed was greatly admired by many and who also seemed to agree he's a very exciting prospect for the future!





20th June 2009


Clwyd WPCA Summer show.

Today was the first outing since his return for Runshaw Superstar. He certainly lived up to his name and although showing his immaturity came a very creditable 2nd and seemed to thoroughly enjoy himself as can be seen below-





Nothing really happening here at the minute but thought i'd share this picture of Churtoncroft Aries at 20 years old, the cornerstone of Runshaw Stud.




18th May and 19th May 2009






See the foals page for more details!!



17th May2009


North Western WPCS saw quite an exciting day! Firstly when going to collect the exhibitor numbers it was established that they had not received my entries so Churtoncroft Rhodri was bathed and ready to go on the lorry in the car park with nowhere to go! To cut a long story short it was decided to enter him non competively for much needed experience and Tim Waddington of the Brackenrigg stud stepped up as handler for me. Well the combination of his friend leaving him on the lorry for the ridden and his first encounter of an indoor school just simply blew Rhodri's mind and although relatively well behaved he had got himself very wound up and on debating to get Tim to bring him back out the decision was made for me when an accident with Tim and the stallion chain in the line up made a somewhat hasty exit from the ring and consequent First Aid, then ambulance and 11 stitches for poor Tims finger! Lesson to be learnt, always check how sharp the clips are on stallion chains!!

We also took Oliver, Runshaw Rhyfeddod for the riddens piloted today by Terry Clynes of as Charlotte was away and he was 2nd in the Novice in the morning and then 1st in the afternoon in the Open ridden Section A qualifying for the 'National Supreme Brynseion Stud ridden Section A championship in August at the National Welsh and Part Bred Championship Show!!!

Well done Terry and Oliver!





10th May2009


Today was Churtoncroft Rhodri's show ring debut under Mr Gwyn Berry, Betws, and although a little enthusiastic in the line up he was very well behaved considering a small ring full of stallions in May and his first time out to a 'pony party' we were thrilled to bits with him and the icing on the cake was he was placed 2nd aswell to RWAS winner Stonedge Samuel!!


Sorry images below are blurred but gives you an idea



Then it was the turn of our ridden boy Runshaw Rhyfeddod who was superbly ridden as usual by Charlotte Bond and came home with 3rd in the Novice ridden and then after settling better after the excitement of his first outdoor show complete with one side of him the atmosphere of the in hand Section D ring and the other the field where the resident livery horses were having a great time charging around playing but what a good boy he was!!





8th May2009


Its a bit of a roller coaster ride at times pony owning, the highs are often followed by the lows and around again. After the highs of Heulwens fabulous result at Lampeter sadly a few days later we had to say our final goodbyes to her 'aunty' Standwell Selina,


 1988 - 2009


But then came another high with the return of our ridden Stallion Runshaw Rhyfeddod




18th April 2009


Lampeter Stallion Show

Dr Wynne Davies MBE, Ceulan Stud

Well what a Day!!! Words can't describe the feelings here at Runshaw after todays results!

 Runshaw Heulwen 1st x 3 year old filly, Best section A filly, Section A Youngstock Champion and then back in again to be awarded Section A champion!!

The tears and the beers have flowed freely ever since and huge thanks go to all at the Lacy Stud for doing such a fantastic job with her looking and going so well, many many thanks!!








13th April 2009


North Western WPCS Youngstock Show at South View equestrian centre under Mr T J Jones, Nantdywyll Stud see's our beautiful 3 year old filly, Runshaw Heulwen 1st and Reserve Section A champion.




5th April 2009


First show of the season see's us at Midlands WPCS at Rodbaston College under Lady Evans-Bevan, Bronllys Stud with our 3 year old filly, Runshaw Heulwen who was 1st in the 3 year old filly class and Reserve Section A youngstock champion.




12th March 2009


A very Happy Birthday to Andy xxx

Without whose support in so many ways the Runshaw Stud we know today wouldn't be possible.

And what did i get him you may ask, well watch this space for confirmation!




8th March 2009


BSPS area 2b see's Runshaw Rhyfeddod gain 2 x 2nds in the extremely capable hands of Charlotte Bond and Pam Brown again! Well done girls, and of course Oliver. To see this fabulous stallion blossoming so well under their care is a sight to behold!





1st March 2009


We are very pleased to announce that after a short holiday in Suffolk Runshaw Superstar has returned home. Many thanks to all at Corstan for looking after him so well he looks great. He will now be available at stud this year in his first season to kind experienced mares and is hoped to be shown in hand aswell.






22nd February 2009


Our novice show stallion for 2009 Churtoncroft Rhodri.

By our resident senior stallion, RWAS winner Churtoncroft Aries and out of the beautiful late Coed Coch Ruby. Its is hoped that Rhodri will do a few shows this year to gain experience in readiness for next year.









19th February 2009


Fun time

Runshaw Hyderus and Runshaw Brenin enjoying playtime



Runshaw Rhyfeddod went out today to his 2nd ever show and first working hunter class and has qualified again!!

Well done everyone!!




18th January 2009



Runshaw Rhyfeddod went out today to his very first show in the extremely capable hands of Charlotte Bond and Pam Brown and to say we were all delighted is an under statement!! 'Oliver' was an absolute star, and for a young stallion in a crowded indoor school at his very first show he was superb!! Thank you so much Charlotte, Rebecca and Pam for all the hard work you've put in to him, it certainly shows!!! Well done and of course the star himself Oliver who seemed to rather like the idea of meeting new friends and having a bit of a run around with them!






14th January 2009



Updates on the boys in their new homes are arriving almost daily and its very exciting to see and hear my boys progressing and maturing into much loved and admired young men!

Runshaw Superstar is now sat on and thriving off the work, huge thanks to Nikky Musson for doing such a fabulous job with him !


We are also extremely proud of the fantastic job laura Mundy is doing with her boy Runshaw Hafog!




I'm so proud of these beautiful boys and the way they are taking to a new way of life. 


Runshaw Rhyfeddod should have his show ring debut this weekend too so hope to have pictures and an update of his outing!




3rd January 2009

Very much Hello's and goodbyes here at the minute so a hectic start to the new year!


Firstly we said goodbye to Runshaw Superstar (above) who is now trying his hoof as a ridden stallion down in Suffolk and looking like he's going to enjoy the job immensely thank god if his first day is anything to go by! He is such an active minded stallion he needed more out of life than the quiet day to day life of a stud so after huge amounts of consideration he is now trying the ridden life.


 Hello and welcome back to Runshaw Anwyled!

3 year old filly by Churtoncroft Hywel and out of Cuhelyn Anna.



Another welcome back is to Runshaw William Ap Aries and of course Runshaw Penaig aswell!!


Penaig has been away on grass livery and William has been bought back by us. Hopefully new pics soon as currently away on livery but hopefully home soon!


Finally if anyone has any contact for Cate Eyre of the Dragonpark stud in Burnley/Keighly/Hebden Bridge area it would be greatly appreciated or Cate if you are reading this please could you contact urgently!





1st January 2009!!



Wishing all our family, friends and visitors a fabulous 2009 with all the wonderful foals that you hope and wish for and much success both in and out of the show ring for the 2009 season!