Stud News!!

21/12/03  Well Christmas is almost here and i may have been offered one of the best Christmas presents anyone could have but i can't say yet until we know more and things have been arranged but keep an eye on here and the Mares page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


01/12/03  Well the count down to Christmas has finally begun and we are now in festive spirit with a newly decorated web site full of decorations and flashing lights!!!!

Also less than a month now until the arrival of 2004, where does the time go?????


17/11/03 Nothing really happening at the moment. Boys all seem to have settled now together and are quite happy to be friends with everyone. This years foals are enormous and once the weather turns colder they will be weaned but while its so mild its always a concern that they may catch Pneumonia due to the muggy weather and their heavy native pony coats once stabled even though they all come into a large airy building lose together. They are all fat and happy along with the mares so there is no rush for the time being, the weather is being kind to them and they are all thriving as nature intended.


10/11/03 Well even though we have lovely dry weather winter is officially here at Runshaw with the Stallions/Colts moving to their winter grazing. All are happily sorting out their pecking order as Runshaw Hafog and Pinfold Barnwr have joined them for the first time. Penwisg Sior, Fosterhouses Supersam, Churtoncroft Hywel and Churtoncroft Rhodri have been together for years but although they have never previously met, Runshaw Hafog and Churtoncroft Rhodri instantly have become the best of friends and look to be stuck together with glue! Its so nice for the boys to learn manners from the other boys and as fights are always token gestures while establishing the pecking order i feel it makes them far better tempered to be socialised this way.


02/11/03 Collected Churtoncroft Hywel today from Wyn Jones of the Nerwyn Stud after his "working holiday" he looks absolutely fabulous and more and more like his super Father Churtoncroft Aries. We eagerly await seeing his Nerwyn foals in 2004!!

This super colt will be available to lease for the 2004 season as we are using Coed Coch Atebiad on most of the mares next year and an odd colt to ensure fertility so he will be wasted, he is fully licensed and we believe good with his mares too. Please email if you are interested.


05/10/03  Off to the Broughton Stud, Buckinghamshire to collect our newset addition to the Stud, LACY RUTH a half sister to our colt Churtoncroft Rhodri , them both being out of the lovely Coed Coch Ruby, but Ruth is by the Gredington Simwnt son Saltersford Justin. We are very excited at her coming to join us and send a huge thank you to David and Alison for letting us buy her.


01/10/03 Went to Edinburgh today to see Runshaw Andreas and Runshaw Cariadog at the DunedinPark welsh stud. What a fabulous pair of colts they've grown into now! Updated pics on archives page now.


28/09/03 Polaris Reduction Sale.

Some superb ponies went under the hammer with quality and fabulous bloodlines for established studs and also new breeders. We didn't buy anything but were very tempted by a couple of Section B's but behaved and came home from a weekend of Welsh pony sales empty handed!!!

NPS and Shetland Pony Stud Book sale.

Well Bekky couldn't resist and we brought home the most adorable Skewbald Miniature Shetland Colt foal you've ever seen, expected to make 30"!!!

"Longfield Nutmeg"



26&27/09/03 Fayre Oaks sale, Builth Wells.

Well we had a great time, lots to drink (in fact too much i think) and to anyone that missed myself and Frank Megens after quite an amount of Lager dancing to Grease lightening missed a treat, well sort of, but we did have a giggle and thats what its all about!!! Well went to see Polaris Queen Bee and as much as we felt she was beautiful someone also thought so too and as they seemed to be as adamant as us to have her we let her go as she could have a very successful career under saddle and may become available again later when she can take up her broodmare career after givning some child endless pleasure. Prices on a whole were good and Brightwells stated that its was their best average since Fayre Oaks started 50 years ago.



Like the star that we know she is, Lowden Seren Y Nos went out and won the WPCS Bronze Medal for her very pleased owners TyGolau stud, well done all involved, we knew she could do it!!!!! Not that i haven't had the "i told you she was a good mare and i don't know why you sold it!" from my Dad!! ;-) Apart from the fact that she has a superb appreciative home and back out on the show ring where she belongs!!!


10/09/03  Well not a great deal is happening at the moment at all really, other than all the ponies are blossoming and i'm over the moon with every single one of this years foals. Fingers crossed old Coed Coch Atebiad leaves us with some more like them in the future. I think the greatest feeling in the world is to look at a bunch of foals you have bred and think to yourself  "if i saw those at  a stud/sale i'd try to buy any of them" its an overwhelming feeling to know that your plans are finally coming together! The hours pouring over pedigrees, thousands of miles and money spent finding that pony that you just know is out there somewhere if you look hard enough, and that after all that finding that you are breeding the stock that are the images of the ponies you love and have admired for many years!!

Churtoncroft Rhodri and Runshaw Hafog are maturing into fabulous colts and my fillies are looking to be maturing into rather special young mares which i feel have a sparkling future ahead of all of them in whatever sphere they persue whether it be in the breeding or showing rings!

I feel my saying on these web pages "tradition is not preserving the ashes but keeping the flame alight" feels so very apt today. Its days like this that make you so proud and happy to be pony poor, i wouldn't change a thing for all the money in the world!!!!




02/09/03  We Collected Coed Coch Atebiad today from the Churtoncroft Stud he is coming for a holiday and to eat some of this grass before Coed Coch Barnwr and Churtoncroft Aries pop!!! Both Pat and Cyril Pinnington look great and the ponies look fabulous! Some updated pictures are now posted on their web site, .


03/08/03  NCPA Maelor Branch, we took Churtoncroft Aries his son Churtoncroft Pryd and the Barren mare Churtoncroft Seren Ebrill. Pryd won his 3 year old colt class and then stood Reserve Youngstock Champion , Aries was 2nd in the Stallion class and Ebrill won her Barren mare class!! Good day was had by all!

London Gold In Hand Championships at Shrewsbury, Champion Section A was the stunning Coed Coch bred stallion GARTCONNEL SHOOTING STAR who has had an absolutely tremendous season  and Reserve was the lovely Chestnut broodmare FRIARS POSY.


30/07/03  Royal Lancashire Show, although we didn't enter any of our own ponies we did go, results will be posted later but Welsh Section A champion was Criccieth Carreg and Reserve was Tiffwyl Mira. The catalogue is buried somewhere in the depths of the wagon and will be retrieved as soon as possible! Or go to the Royal Lancashire Show web site on  and look at the online results.



27/07/03  Fosterhouses Silver Mouse returned home today after seeming to have held to Churtoncroft Aries, should be a fabulous foal next year in Cumbria!


26/07/03  Steve Williams of the Rhesfair Stud, South Wales and Frank Megens of the Ijjeslblik Stud, Holland came to visit today. We had a great time and noticed quite a few complimenting looks on the ponies but all in all we have a brilliant day, talked bloodlines and ate probably too much but isn't that whats it all about??!!


21- 23/07/03 ROYAL WELSH SHOW 2003!!!!!!!!

Only took Churtoncroft Ebrill and Churtoncroft Pryd for the Churtoncroft Stud, Ebrill was 14th in a huge barren mare class and Pryd was 12th in the 3 year old colt class, both behaved and we had a great time!


07/07/03 Cuhelyn Anna covered tonight by Churtoncroft Aries, what a stunner that should be!!!!


26 to 30/06/03  Brynrodyn Camellia has gone to Friars Rainbows End  tonight. She has been covered and will stay there for the week, he is a lovely lad, lots of bone, substance and a lovely head.


21/06/03  Nerwyn Lleban went out to a show today, he was extremely well behaved for his Mum and won his Youngstock Class and also his Welsh class qualifying for the Northern Counties Pony of the Year Championships at his first attempt!! This superb moving colt flew around the ring i believe and very much thought he was the Champion that he is looking to be, needless to say Karen was extremely pleased with him and well done both of you for obviously doing a brilliant job and above all enjoying it!


20/06/03 Fosterhouses Silver Mouse ( a visiting mare that we sold a couple of years ago) has been covered with Churtoncroft Aries and Runshaw Lili-Lon has been covered by Fosterhouses Supersam. We currently have 4 maiden mares in season all doing the girly , giggly bit and not just too sure about all this stallion business!! Although Mouse didn't take much persuading that Boss was beautiful and Lili-Lon is in love with Supersam!!


15/06/03 Chetwynd Lily and Penwisg Helen have been turned back out today on the grazing away from home with the other mares and youngstock after being covered by Churtoncroft Aries and we collected Cuhelyn Anna, Runshaw Lili Lon and Runshaw Heloise to be covered. Not too sure about the 2  young mares but i think Cuhelyn Anna will go back to Penwisg Sior after her boys are doing so well from this cross, Runshaw Andreas and Runshaw Ap Sior.



CHURTONCROFT ARIES, 1ST STALLION CLASS AND CHAMPION WELSH SECTION A!!!! Winning a bronze medal and qualifying for the North Counties Pony of the Year Championships and the New London Gold Welsh and Welsh Part bred Championships! He also won the Galchog Stud trophies too for best stallion and champion which is lovely as his sire is Galchog Amlyn so he's won his sires breeders trophies!!


So a good day indeed!! The boys both went superbly and Boss was just on form, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves !!

Pat Pinnington also went home with an armful of rosettes and a trophy for Ch.Pryd so she went home with a big smile on her face too!


11/06/03 Fosterhouses Silver Mouse is temporarily back for a visit to Churtoncroft Aries, this pony is maturing into a lovely young mare and with her type and breeding it should be a fabulous foal next year especially with its grandparents being Coed Coch Bari (twice), Coed Coch Pryd, and Baledon Johnathon!!! Watch this space!!


08/06/03 We have collected Churtoncroft Pryd and Churtoncroft Talyrn from Churtoncroft today . Pryd, or Minto to his friends, is to be shown at Clwyd Show on Saturday and also in preperation for the Royal Welsh in 6 weeks time, he is looking really well and feeling very full of himself! Talyrn has gone locally to a stud on lease and is looking stunning, can't wait to see his foals next spring!!!

Its also now official as Boss (Churtoncroft Aries) is paid for and i now have his papers!!!! YIPPPEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


02/06/03 Well Lowden Seren Y Nos left for her new home today at the TyGolau stud in Newport, South Wales. She is a stunning mare, usual "oh god what have i done selling this pony" resounding in my head but Seren will match in well with Lisa's superb bunch of ponies that she already has to found her new stud. We wish TyGolau all the very best of luck with her, not that we think they'll need it as they seem to be doing quite well as it is !!! Their web site address is on our link page so don't just take my word for it go and see for yourself.

Chetwynd Lily and Penwisg Helen covered again today with Churtoncroft Aries, Standwell Black Fashion covered by Penwisg Sior. Have a feeling Pinina Roulette is coming in season too. Churtoncroft Menna is in season but a little shy yet as she hasn't been here long but as a maiden mare she isn't going to be rushed.


01/06/03 Standwell Black Fashion has finally decided she doesn't want to be left out so has come in season and been covered by Penwisg Sior.


31/05/03 and 01/06/03  Penwisg Helen covered by Churtoncroft Aries and Lowden Seren Y Nos covered by Fosterhouses Supersam.


28th and 29/05/03 Chetwynd Lily has been covered by Churtoncroft Aries , Penwisg Helen looks to be coming in season too. Lowden Seren Y Nos is still in season so covered again. All go at the moment!!!


27/05/03,+ 28th Standwell Heidie covered today by Fosterhouses Supersam and Standwell Selina covered by Churtoncroft Aries. We seem to think we may have missed Standwell Black Fashion but we'll try her again in 3 weeks time.


25/05/03 Well the mares with foals at foot, the Standwell mares Selina, Black Fashion and Heidie and Pinina Roulette have gone out across the road for the summer with their foals. The grass is rather long but at least they won't go short!!

Lowden Seren Y Nos has been covered tonight with Fosterhouses Supersam. Standwell Selina looks to be coming in season too.


18/05/03 Lacy Primula left us today to join her daughter at the Birchcourt Stud, Hampshire. She has been covered by Churtoncroft Aries and what a foal that should be! While travelling home Dan and Sue had a bit of a detour and went with us to the Churtoncroft Stud and simply couldn't resist the stunning Coed Coch Reg mare Churtoncroft Faith!! What a mare she is too, watch out for her in the Southern Show rings!!!

While at Churtoncroft we brought home Churtoncroft Menna by Churtoncroft Aries and out of the lovely mare we recently lost Nantydywll Modlon, so we now have her blood back in the stud, this young mares breeding is tremendous and we plan to cover her with Penwisg Sior or Fosterhouses Supersam which is yet to be decided! We also brought Churtoncroft Llwynog home too so he can play out for the summer with Churtoncroft Tecwyn and Churtoncroft Rhodri and enjoy playing colt games!


15/05/03  Pinina Roulette has been covered by Penwisg Sior tonight.


14,15+ 18/05/03




Lacy Primula has been covered by Churtoncroft Aries before winging her way off to the Birchcourt Stud at the weekend to join her daughter Bi Bridge Party Girl and her prospective husband Runshaw Ap Sior.

Chetwynd Lily, Lacy Primula and Lowden Seren Y Nos have come home to be covered when in season and Penwisg Helen has returned from Bekkys and seems to have fully got over the loss of her foal and will be covered by Churtoncroft Aries again when she comes into season.

 Brynrodyn Camellia and Amilas Iona have gone to embark on their potential ridden careers. A.Iona is sold but Brynrodyn Camellia is for sale to a very special home, could this be the next Olympia/Wembley winner????


05/05/03 Well at 5.30am Pinina Roulette had a huge handsome colt foal, he is Bay/dark dun with a  stripe and 2 small white socks behind but i think he will go grey. But more importantly he is well and so is his dam, after recent events that's the main concern. Even now at 5 hours old he has got this running around the stable sorted and has a superb big long stride, yet another Stallion/Show potential colt here and what 2 better grandsires could he have other than Coed Coch Barnwr and Coed Coch Superstar!


04/05/03  Churtoncroft Hywel went off on his holidays today to the Nerwyn Stud.

Pinina Roulette restless and now waxed up.



Well they say things come in 3's and after losing Nantydywll Modlon and her Dun colt foal our third arrived this morning. With no warning what so ever and early Penwisg Helen foaled last night, a gorgeous filly foal with 4 whites and a blaze by Churtoncroft Aries, sadly all was not rosey as she cleaned every inch of her filly except her head and i found the foal dead at 8am this morning suffocated. Both the mare and all the rest of us absolutely  devasted. But at least the mare is ok and has now realised that her foal is not going to get up and has now gone to Bekky's for a week or so out of the way of our mares and foals and seems fine now. Baby has been buried and we now anxiously await Pinina Roulettes foal, which looks imminent hence the CCTV being on her and not Helen, even though Helen gave us no reason at all to suspect her as she was so early (3 weeks over last time) and not even bagged up properly.

Anyway the other 3 foals are growing like weeds and at least we have those to admire, would have been nice to have another but its not meant to be.


26/04/03 Standwell Heidie has had a Dun filly to Coed Coch Atebiad, star and 2 whites behind  at 12.30am, Standwell Selina has had a huge Bay colt at 9.30am again by Coed Coch Atebiad. Pictures and own pedigree page soon on the youngstock page!

Also now we can get close, my Black filly foal looks very dark Dun!


23/04/03 Standwell Black Fashion has produced a Black filly foal to Coed Coch Atebiad!!! After speaking to her previous owner it seems she often holds to the first covering but will just about stand next time round (which happened to us) pictures etc as soon as baby is dry!!!!


19/04/03 Sadly after being in complete shock for whatever reason this morning and a pulse of 120 Nantydywll Modlon aborted her dun colt foal at 241 days today, still alive bless him (sadly only for 10 minutes due to so young) but after going into shock again later this evening for no apparent reason we had her put down, almost 12 months to the day since the mare she came to replace was put down here too, Standwell Snowdrop also 18 years old this time. Not a good start to the foaling year and it seems Abbey (Crossways Betty) has slipped/resorbed her foal too as she is empty again after a Veterinary examination.


18/04/03 Thistledown Walnut has been covered today by Churtoncroft Aries after not holding to Coed Coch Atebaid, so hoping for a beautiful foal early next April that should have action to spare!


09/04/03 All the 3 Standwell mares are bagging up and Fashion has a tiny amount of clear liquid now from both teats so getting closer and looking like she held to her first covering which was Coed Coch Atebiad!! Thistledown Walnut and Penwisg Helen are both looking really well and will be coming home in the next week or so.


06/04/03 Northern Welsh and Native Show at Bold Heath Equestrian Centre.

Boss was 3rd in a super Stallion class and went like a dream, we both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! Minto (Churtoncroft Pryd) was 4th in his 3 year old colt class, and although was a good lad eventually and in his class he has realised he has hormones and a voice but at least he has been out and can be taken to the Royal Welsh now with confidence.

Bronze Medal winner was the Crane family with Nantdywyll Pwyll and reserve was G.Williams Glebedale Savanna.



West Midlands Stallion show at Malvern, sadly none of our boys went due to horsebox problems but i did go and show Bekky Swifts Section B Stallion, Polaris Dylan who was the perfect gentleman and came 4th in a very strong class won by Douthewaite Signwriter. Section A Champion was Escley Tumble.

  All the mares are blossoming and we are getting excited now as our first foals being due are only 4 weeks away!!!! A list of who is due to who is now on the foal page!!


17/03/03 Standwell Selina, Standwell Heidie and Standwell Black Fashion came home today, only 4 weeks off being due, count down has now officially started!!


27/01/03 Well we have one of our dream mares of all time here with us now!!! Today we collected the legendary mare Pinina Roulette! A stunning daughter of Coed Coch Barnwr and whose show record is amazing is finally here. I tried to buy her years ago but to no avail. I was hugely honoured to have been gifted this gorgeous mare and cannot thank Nina and Ralph enough for their genorousity and for thinking so highly of me to gift me their most treasured possession. She is well in foal to Standwell Satellite a son of Coed Coch Superstar and whose dam Blackamoor Lovely Lady was by Coed Coch Planed and out of a Coed Coch Brenin Arthur mare and is due 8th of May!!! She looks absolutely tremendous and may well re visit the show ring!


26/01/03 After a false start and going all the way to York Sales on Friday we finally collected Pinfold Barnwr , a black son of Coed Coch Barnwr, from Darlington. We have tried in vain to find this pony for years and he is now finally home here with us at Runshaw with his sire. We have had a really difficult time finding him and then getting him (broken down horsebox etc, not turning up at the sales etc) but he is here now and thats all that matters! His details and pictures are now on the stallion page!


12/01/03 Well Bi-Bridge Party Girl has left for the Birchcourt Stud in Hampshire today, we wish Sue and Dan all the very best of luck with this stunning filly (have i done the right thing resounding in my head!!) i know she will be greatly appreciated for her superb breeding and beauty and as her prospective husband is no other than Runshaw Ap Sior it couldn't be a better home. Look out for this filly "down south" she is going to be a real force to be reckoned with!!!!! And after all i still have her dam and am leasing her sire so maybe i'll just try and breed another!!